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Canadian Whisky Company is a family business. We believe in great tasting bourbon. Our absolute No 1 is Crown Royal.

We have driven most of the USA over the years from Cape Cod to Wahpeton, Minnesota searching for the best tasting bourbon, had a lot of great times and terrible headaches too. While sitting in a bar, The Stage in Nashville, listening to the live country music and admiring the spontaneous dance of the locals, we decided then and there while having had quite a few, that we needed to share this premium whisky. First we supplied our family and friends and they told their friends and so on. Next was to share with you, the great British people, so here we are.

We love a hamper as a gift so based our business around that. They say do what you love, well we are and what is not to love, a hamper and whisky together with excellent tasting products that make a great gift. We believe in the great taste of Crown Royal, customer service and the excellence of quality products that goes into every hamper.